Grand Premier Sutillian Mista Jinks 17 (1UK CC)

    "Oliver "

    Owner Angela Parrish

Sadly died on 26th June 2007

He was a wonderful boy who did Angela proud at the shows.




Champion Sutillian Luby Loo 17 (2 Grand CC)


  Owner Julia Smith





Champion Sutillian Silver Mordicus

I am delighted that Sutillian Silver Mordicus is now Champion

He won in three straight shows.



Sutillian Silver Purkiss


Great news from her owner Sarah Davison

Tilly won at the Manchester & District Cat Club on Saturday 5th May 2007

1st in the Open Class and Best of Breed

2 - first and a 2nd in her 3 Side Classes

Well Done Tilly





Also Titles Attained With Other Cats Sired By My Stud Boy.


Champion Larnikat Mels Bailey (17)

Champion Pardilleo Minniethemoocha (16)





The owl and the pussy-cat went to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat,

they took some honey, and plenty of money, wrapped up in a five-pound note.

The owl looked up to the stars above, and sang to a small guitar,

"O Lovely Pussy! O Pussy, my love, what a beautiful pussy you are,

You are,  You are!

What a beautiful pussy you are!"

Edward Lear




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