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I first started breeding British Shorthair Cats in 1989 with two cats, Jindivik Mingled Melisande (Matilda) a British Blue-Cream who sadly died in 1997 aged 8 years, and Jindivik Pennyroyal (Hannah) a British Blue who sadly died in 2004 aged 15 years.  I obtained my first two cats from Iris Burgess a well known breeder from Nottingham now retired.



Also I would like to thank Anne Taylor "Cheltiki" for all her help and support she has given me over many years, she is a wonderful friend


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The Cat of Cats

I am the cat of cats, I am the everlasting cat!

Cunning and old, and sleek as jam,

The everlasting cat!

I hunt the vermin in the night -

The everlasting cat!

For I see best without the light -

The everlasting cat!

William Brighty Rands


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