Blue Male

Owner Mary Grant 




" Blossom "

Blue Female

Owners Steve Sue & Lucy Buttery


Sutillian Silver Marley

Silver Spottie Male

Owner Samantha Page




Sutillian Basil Buboo

       Cream Male


Sutillian Podge

Blue & White Bi-Coloured Male

Owner Audrey Hartley





Sutillian Gibson

Silver Tabby Male


Sutillian Bridie

Chocolate Female


Owner Andy & Pam Painter






Sutillian Dharma

Blue Colourpoint Male

Owner Michelle Ryland




Sutillian Mistateddy

Blue Male

Owner Angela Rogers



Champion Sutillian Luby Loo (2 GR CC)

Cream Female

Owner: Julia Smith

Sutillian Tiger Lily

Silver Tabby Female

Owner Alf & Lilliana Di Piazza


Sutillain Dollpeg

Blue Female

Owner Ann Appletree


Sutillian Mistabojangles

      Blue Male


Sutillian Bilbo Baggins

Blue Male

Owners: Dawn & Howard Levitt


Sutillian Aslan

Cream Male

Owners Carl & Ruth Palmer


Sutillian Sam Creamboy

       Cream Male


Sutillian Barney Bluboy

        Blue Male

Owners Gaynor & George Dale



Sutillian Melonie May

 Blue-Cream Female

Owner Mrs D A Bolam



Sutillian Tobermory

      Blue Male


Sutillian Orinoco

     Blue Male

Owners - Neil and Michael




Sutillian Buttercup

Cream Female

Owner Val Price 




Sutillian Silver Purkiss

Silver Spottie Female

Owner: Sarah A Davison





Sutillian Louis Elliott

Cream Male


Sutillian Precious Lily

Blue Female

Owner: Val & Ron Jones



Sutillian Steed

Blue Male

Owners: Helen & Paul Beddows




Sutillian Lady Beatrice

Blue Female

Owners: Hazel & Don Perry



Sutillian Mordicus

Silver & Black Tabby Male

Owner: Lisa Vipond




Sutillian Silver Hagrid

Silver & Black Tabby Male

Owner: Heidi & David Drabble




Sutillian Jasper Rosco

Blue Male

Owner: Eileen & John Keady




Sutillian Tama

Blue Male

Owner: Lesley Robinson





Sutillian Dedalus Diggle

Blue Male

Owner: Jenny Land




Sutillian Helga Hufflepuff

Blue Female


Sutillian Silver Diggory

Silver Spottie Male


Owner: Mary Beech






Sutillian Elladora

Blue-Cream V

Owner: Natasha Clough




Sutillian Montgomery

Blue Male

Owner: Paul & Sue Cope



Sutillian Benny Blanco

Silver Tabby Male

Owner: Andrea & Jason Keady.


Sutillian Cracker


Owner Dawn Bladen





One O'clock

One of the clock, and silence deep

Then up the stairway, black and steep

The old house-cat comes creepy-creep

With soft feet goes from room to room

Her eyes shining through the gloom,

And finds all fast asleep

Katherine Pyle



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